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It's time to

Make space for what matters

with the help of professional organizers

Lindsay McLoughlin in casual attire stands with her arms crossed in a modern kitchen, next to a countertop with a bouquet of flowers and neatly arranged shelves with blue dishware in the background.

Let us make your cluttered house

into a functional and organized home

Our home, office and storage organizing services are realistic and flexible – designed to work with you and your existing space.

Neatly folded sweaters in various colors are stacked on white shelves, arranged by type and color, showcasing the impeccable touch of Hamptons Organizers.

No Judgment

You can confidently invite us into the most chaotic of spaces. We never judge the mess – we whip it into calm, organized shape.

White kitchen with open cabinet displaying blue dishes, under-cabinet electrical outlet, and countertop featuring a blue plate and vase with blue and white flowers. This beautifully organized space showcases the elegant touch of professional organizers from Long Island.


Organizing your space doesn’t have to be complicated. We keep it simple and easy so you can maintain what we organize.

A laundry room with grey cabinets, an open cabinet displaying various laundry products, a front-loading washing machine, sink with a faucet, paper towel holder, and a vase of blue flowers; the perfect setup inspired by professional organizers in Long Island.


We believe in creating functional spaces that work for you. Yes, your spaces will look great, but they will also function well.

A person smiles while organizing baskets on a shelf in a walk-in closet filled with folded clothes and drawers, showcasing the expertise of professional organizers Long Island.

Meet your

Hamptons Organizer

Hi, I’m Lindsay – Owner and Professional Organizer at Hamptons Organizers. This business began inside a dark (but well-organized!) corner of my brain – as I moved from categorizing my crayons by Roy G. Biv and color-coordinating my Barbies’ closets to creating functional, organized spaces in my clients’ homes.

I’m proud to lead our team of talented organizers and bring calm, clarity and peace to homes in The Hamptons and beyond.

If you’re ready to clear out the clutter and make space for what really matters – we’re here for you!

How can we create more intentional space for you?


Spatial Experience

Let us transform your spaces, big or small, into the organized, streamlined rooms of your decluttered dreams.


Custom Experience

Don’t see what you need in our Spatial Experience? Let’s create a custom solution that works for you.


Refresh Experience

Want to keep your space organized and functional? We’ll come in regularly to maintain the calm.

Organization = Increased Productivity

“Hamptons Organizers were extremely professional and understanding of the mess I’d gotten myself into. They helped me set up organizing systems in my home office and, in turn, I have been able to be more productive, both personally and professionally.”

– Deborah S., East Hampton

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Embrace your inner organizer

Ready for everything in your home to have a place and purpose?

We’re here to help you find the joy and peace that comes with a functional, beautifully organized space.